Tuesday, December 28, 2010

12/27/10 Airsoft Battle Video and Re-Cap

Yesterday my group had a really awesome day of airsofting, the best that I've had in a while.  The weather was good despite an 80% chance of showers, I'm pretty sure that the sun even broke through at one point!  John, the guy in our group who does the majority of the work for our YouTube presence and also has author rights on this blog, has edited and uploaded one of the rounds from that day.  It is embedded below, but first I'm going to go over the rules for that round.

  • 1 hit to a death and 2 spawns, so players essentially get 3 lives including the one that they started the round with
  • semi-automatic only - we've found it's too easy to get pinned on full
  • tennis ball grenades are a kill if they land within a 10 foot radius and upon landing have a direct line of site to the victim (ie the effect of a grenade does not go through cover)
  • a new rule we tried out and ended up liking a lot: gun hits ACTUALLY matter! If your gun gets hit it is counted as "broken".  To "repair" it, you must bring it back to spawn without getting hit.  If you get hit going back to spawn, it counts as a kill, and then you continue back to spawn and lose one life.  After dying, your gun is "repaired".  If you choose not to repair your gun, you may not use it unless you respawn.  You can still use any secondaries or pistols you may be carrying, however.

Notes about the video:
  • At 0:42 there is an outdated picture of me with the thompson.  I now have a G36c, as the text states.
  • At 2:04 I begin to quickly duck down into the trench after slowly raising my gun up over the sandbag.  I didn't know someone was sighted in on me and I soon as I was exposed three BB's wizzed past my left ear.  It was an EXTREMELY close call.  But it sounded awesome.
  • At 2:12 you can see my team mate, Sam, get 'naded.
  • Billy has a bit of a fence-hopping fail at 2:32.
  • I had an epic slide to get behind cover after respawning.  John caught the end of it and chuckles at the overdramatic-ness of it at 3:34.
  • I curse at a mis-feed at 3:56.  Cover your ears.
  • I get trigger happy at 4:15.
  • At 4:20 Sam (my team mate) calls himself out after his gun stops working.  Something weird happened with the trigger plate and made the gun stuck on full auto even if he wasn't pressing the trigger, the safety was on, or any other reason.  We had to quickly remove the battery to stop it from wasting the clip.  The video continues after he gets a new gun to finish the round with (John's tan M16).
  • At 4:35 something pretty funny happened.  I had asked if we were going and couldn't hear the response.  I yell, "What?".  I then start getting shot at and yell, "Oh sssshit, we're going".  John pans the camera over to me and says, "Nice one, Luke".
  • At 4:43 I announce that I'm going to go reload.  I meant to say repair, because my gun had been chipped, which is why I then ran behind the garage to the spawn area.
  • I get hit in the wrist at 5:03.  The round is over.
  • Starting at 5:10 Billy has an epic victory high five sequence.
We also played some other rounds that were taped that day.  I'll address them in this blog as John edits and uploads them to the Tube.


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