Saturday, December 18, 2010

AirsoftGI TV

I really think that its' time to address the legitimacy of AirsoftGI TV and their "informational videos".  Let me just say one thing first - in case you weren't aware, AGI is an airsoft RETAILER!  Their primary concern is MAKING MONEY, not making scientifically accurate or informed reviews.  Yes, they know about airsoft and aren't morons, but they are STILL bending things to their advantage.

Don't believe me?  Fine, allow me to prove my point.  Anyone who has done any shopping for tightbores on AGI has probably seen their "Tight Bore Barrel Test" video.  If you haven't, it's embedded directly below.

The conclusion of the video is that 6.03mm tightbores do little to nothing in terms of improving accuracy, while 6.01's do a lot to tighten your spread.  What AGI conveniently DOES NOT tell you is that KWA includes a 6.05mm stock barrel.  In other words, the difference between the 6.03 and the stock barrel is a lot less noticeable than it would be if using a more common and less expensive model.

But why, you may ask, would they wish to make 6.01's look so much better than 6.03's?  The answer is simple.  Look at the price difference!  They make a lot more money selling 6.01's, so naturally they're marketing them.  Unfortunately, their "scientific" videos are actually fooling people - and not just into throwing more money around, but even to IGNORING or just plain not seeing the inadequacies of AGI's scientific method.

I rest my case.  So please, next time you watch an AirsoftGI TV video, ask yourself: "Is this just a money making ploy?  How much merit should I place in their results?"  Remember, the best sources of unbiased information are blogs like this one or forums like ASF.


Laurence said...

Correction: They ARE idiots. Watch their high speed gun videos. The whole of ASGI's knowledge got them a shitty and unreliable P90 that managed a measly 38 RPS. In the tech world, that's child's play. Not to mention that they use and recommend over-priced and mediocre systema parts and think that you need to put an M100 spring in a high speed gun, which causes premature engagement and shreds your piston.

Laurence said...

Not to mention that you shouldn't even give them the luxury of them just being idiots. You didn't see them shooting the targets in real time, nor did you see which barrel they put in.

That reminds me, they used a different hop-up chamber and nub/bucking for each barrel they tested in order to save time.

Luke Johnson said...

Yeah... but at least they ARE airsofters, unlike most retailers. But yeah, maybe not the best techies, haha.

Anonymous said...

First of all, I do not think that Tim is that manager of Airsoft GI, so he cannot decide how much time they spend on Airsoft GI TV. And I am not sure how much a different hop-up bucking and chamber would affect the accuracy. I would have a small affect, but I don't think that it would completely destroy the validity of the test. I did not know that KWA came with a 6.05mm barrel stock. That is very interesting and would affect what people think because a normal stock barrel is 6.08mm. They did not directly lie, but simply did not state all the facts. They are trying to make money, but that is what they are in business to do. They are not idiots because they fooled lots of people with this video. They dont advertise a stock JG gun shooting 500 fps. I do disagree with a m100 spring in a high ROF gun. One more thing, where do you get parts that make 38 rps seem slow? As far as airsoft goes, 38 rps is quite quick. What rps does your gun get? And how can I get my gun to shoot that fast? You should make a you tube video about how to make a gun shoot 50+ rps without it catching on fire or exploding. Not to mention not frying its wires and blowing out its fuses. It must also have good accuracy out to at least 100 feet with 0.2 gram bbs. It should be able to hold full auto for more than 3 seconds. Nothing less would convince me of Airsoft GI being unintelligent. Until then, simply state facts as they are, and please don't flame people who are simply doing their job.

Luke Johnson said...

"And I am not sure how much a different hop-up bucking and chamber would affect the accuracy"

...(facepalm). Besides BB mass, the hop up is the MOST important part of the gun for accuracy. Even if it wasn't, the scientific method demands that they be the same in each test. ESPECIALLY when they are SO important to the accuracy of the gun.

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