Thursday, January 13, 2011

Airsoft Gun Maintenance

Every single time you play Airsoft, your gun, whether it be spring, electric or gas, gets some normal wear and tear. If never maintained, the lifespan of your gun is going to go down the crapper (trust me, I've done it).
Cleaning an airsoft gun is about as simple as operating a toaster, but if you have absolutely no mechanical knowledge, now would be the time to stop reading. Here are some crucial aspects of keeping your gun in good shape:

Clean Your Barrel- You will need: cleaning rod, paper towels, 100% silicone spray lubricant (links at bottom of page).
Cleaning your barrel can drastically improve accuracy by removing gunk.
-Take a strip of paper towel about 1.5"x 2.5" and fold it lengthwise until it will fit through the hole in the end of the cleaning rod.
-Spray a bit of lube on the paper towel
-make sure your hop-up (if you have one) is turned all the way down
-insert the paper towel end of the rod into the tip of the barrel and push while turning, then reverse and pull out
-Repeat until the paper towel comes out clean (getting a fresh strip each pass of course)

LUBE LUBE LUBE!- You will need: LUBE!!
Any parts of your gun that see wear and tear form constant movement get some lube.
-Locate any parts on your gun that get wear from movement such as bolts (sniper rifles), AEG magazines, blowback slides (pistols), etc...
-Spray the part that moves as well as the part that it moves on
-Actuate a few times (i.e.: rack the slide on your pistol, pull back your bolt....)
-Wipe visible excess
Proper Storage- You will need: a bit of time.
Keeping your gun stored after a game can make a huge difference in how quickly parts wear out.
-Unplug your battery and keep it somewhere room temp and dry. extreme cold or heat kill even a good battery very quickly.
-Unload everything. Leaving spring magazines and even wound up hi-caps loaded wears out the springs and will eventually cause feeding problems.
-(AEG Only) Make sure to fire your gun on semi once or twice before putting it away, because after full auto firing, the spring can end up in a partially cocked position with wears it out very quickly. firing on semi sets it back in the unstressed position.

There, that wasn't so bad was it? If you do this regularly, you can significantly prolong the life and performance of your guns. Its not some hooey I made up, after playing for a few years and having owned (and destroyed) many different guns, i figure i would spend less if i just put some effort into keeping them in working order. Feel free to leave questions! Now, here's some links to products I would recommend:


Battery DIScharger:

-John, PNWproductions/Airsoft Diary


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Airsoft guns are much like any other mechanical appliance or vehicle you own and must be maintained and serviced regularly for safe, continuous and proper operation. Spend some time in the off season learning to diagnose, tear down and rebuild your airsoft gun and find a good airsoft gun parts supplier and you will ultimately save yourself a lot of cash.

glemmon999 said...

airsoft guns are not real thing but as you see its hard metal end likes the real guns. same as the real guns must be maintained serviced regularly after of before using for safeness and continuous of better airsoft guns.


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I just bought my first Airsoft Gun, this article is really helpful.

Alex Galletti said...

Applying lubricant on the mechanism of an airsoft gun - or any type of gun, for that matter - would help keep the piece working and in tip-top shape. The moving parts of a shooting mechanism can collect grit and other miniscule particles which can be damaging to the whole system. That is why it is important to regularly apply lubricant on the mechanism. :)

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Whether it is a handgun, rifle, or even artillery, they have to go through periodic maintenance. In my class, I teach my student not just to use handguns but also how to keep them and maintain them properly.

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Here are some crucial aspects of keeping your gun in good shape

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