About This Blog

Just like every other American male, I screwed around with airsoft guns as a middle-schooler.  Me and friends used to use crappy, clear, little "Walmart pistols."  Don't get me wrong, they were great fun at that age.  Later, I bought my first "real" gun (or what I considered fell under that label at the time), a cheapo UHC MP5 springer.  That was also a lot of fun.  After I put this gun down, though, around the time when high school started, I really didn't do much airsofting until a couple of months ago (October of 2011).

I first got seriously into shooting games with paintball.  This last summer I probably blew about 200 dollars on PB.  While I love paintball, and still actually like it more than airsoft, it is simply too expensive.  The main source of the expense is paint, but gas refills aren't cheap either, at least when compared with the cost of charging an NiMH for an AEG.  A box of 2000 balls will be around 35 bucks for the absolute WORST quality paint.  2000 high quality airsoft BB's, on the other hand, will run you from 5 to 10 bucks, and they get a lot cheaper in bulk.

So, when I learned that I friend of mine from Cross Country hosted weekly or bi-weekly airsoft sessions in his backyard, I jumped on it.  I hadn't paintballed in a while, and was itching to shoot some people.  We have a pretty sweet thing going at the moment - his neighbor also airsofts, and the yards are seperated by like a 3 foot high chain fence.  The yards have been combined essentially, and both sets of parents have let us do whatever to the yards.  There is plywood and trenches galore.  After going a couple times with a loaner gun, I decided to buy my own.  I got an Echo 1 (the JG was out of stock) MK36c (G36 that dodges copyright laws).  It's an excellent gun for its price, and works great for my needs.

Our group was recently granted access to one of the new guy's cabin as a venue.  One of these weekends we're going to go clear out the area and "airsoftify" it (ie make lots of cover).

What I've been building up to, is that this blog is going to be a documentation of the airsofting we do.  It will mostly contain videos, pictures, re-caps, and articles on various topics important to the airsoft community.

Here I am with my G36c.